Ease With Belize

Hello men, women, and children of all ages. Come one.. come all.. and step right up to learn about the magic that is Belize. For my first trick I am going to turn my fingers into shovels and dig myself into a hole. Alright here we go. Before I left the jury of my peers, [...]

Aquaphile Chronicles

When I was little I spent my days wishing on star fish Wanting to be a siren of the sea, Figured mermaid was the life for me. I assumed all sailormen’s tales to be my history Convinced I arrived from foliage of sea weed Rather than derived from a lineage of oak seed Or perhaps [...]

Africa: Day 2.Who Knows?

In March 2018 I spent three weeks in and around Zululand located in eastern South Africa. The time was passed in and out of touch with the confines of reality. It would take copious H's & A's outlaid in repetitious positioning to truly put this experience into words. Instead I crafted a memory real mashup [...]