I am a flower child who grew up on the sandy shores of Oak Island, North Carolina. I was raised on sunshine, good vibes, and rock ‘n roll. October 2016 I plucked up my roots, and ever since I’ve spent my days blowing in the wind.

I am a US Historian by major, but a writer by nature. In lieu of joining the 9-5 world, after graduating from university I dove headfirst into the deep end of life experience. IMG_1672

19 months road been my home, address unknown, stress? Little to none.

Aside from entertaining the masses with this blog, (ehh a girl can dream) my fingers often fire out poetry, satire, and historical fiction. I can’t carry a tune to save my life, but I consider music’ my religion and Bob Dylan’s the pope. Although I haven’t taken lessons years, I still prefer to dance my way through life rather than walk.

IMG_1090Living a stones throw from the ocean my whole life means a piece of my soul will always reside in the sand. Yet, I keep my arms open to adventure with passport firmly in hand. It may sound like my head is up in the clouds, but stick with me and you’ll see I’m pretty down to Earth.

I’m often attracted to street art, a firm believer it’s never too cold for ice cream, praise the Gods for the love of oatmeal, and I like my jokes like I like my beers; the more pops the better.

Been known to rap a lil Eminem & dance a little Joplin. A part time vegetarian, but a full time wanderer starving to live life like my favorite pair of red Vans. IMG_1671

Stay tuned, one of these days I just might be coming to a city near you!.. and ask to crash on your couch.