(Any)Where in the World, is Rita.

Elbow dabs sueding with the knee highs Dressed too fly wiping clouds from the eyes  Staying so fresh till death you should call it a revival on style Police and the cars caught in traffic, Sting rolling in a lil red corvette  License plate doesn’t say fresh but the car still belongs to a Prince  … Continue reading (Any)Where in the World, is Rita.

Valencia, you make my heart beat in rhyme 

Barcelona, a vibrant, thriving, treasurous spot meant for delighting the mind. This pandora's box carefully, creatively-crafted, by Catalan hand has perfectly aged. The city vibe shines like your grandmother vintage glittering gown so fair, mixed with a modern flair, stealing the show at the grand masquerade ball of life. An aficionado of alliteration I am, … Continue reading Valencia, you make my heart beat in rhyme