Heyyo! I’m Rita, a funky, free-spirited, often forget… Full of life, writer. This blog focuses on my escapades as a solo, female, budget traveler who lives an alternative lifestyle constantly in transit.

When I first set out into the world, I had a simple eight month trip split between Europe and Asia in mind. 48 hours after touching down in Asia, I knew normalcy was forever my adversary.

Destined to be a renegade revolving on the backside of reality, I decided perma-vagabond was the life for me.


If you DREAM of traveling the world but don’t think you have what it takes, think again! You don’t have to be an epic hero to travel the globe. I’m much closer to being Clark Griswold than Odysseus. Don’t believe me? Once I managed to walk 40 minutes down the street before realizing my backpack was unzipped. When I finally realized my faux pas I no longer owned a raincoat. Later that same day, I left my Firkenstocks ($5 “Birkenstocks”) in Utrecht, but didn’t realize until arriving in Amsterdam. This brought my lost ‘n wandering soul count to five pairs of sandals in five months. Yeah…

Now that I’ve put my (probably bare) foot in my mouth, I hope I conveyed: if I can do this, anybody can.

IMG_1670Despite never ceasing to put the blonde in that blonde vagabond, I’ve been surviving and thriving alone, and on the road for over two years. I am chock-full of travel tips and have self-deprecating stories galore. That’s right, the laughs on me and I won’t even charge you my two cents… Oh I should probably mention, I like to pepper in puns to spice things up. So call me Hootie, because if you hold my hand, I’ll take you to the promise land.