Buck-It List

For those dreams so vivid

Your eyes slam open

And you must shout, “bucket!”

  1. Open a dive bar with my best friend that is so electrifyingly, eclectic even non-swimmers will be tempted to try the (Sweet) waters.
  2. Aquire an old school bus, turn the inside into the ultimate zen den, give the engine an eco upgrade, and find some friend who are down for a meandering ride.
  3. Cross country road trip completed July 14, 2017 
  4. Compete in the Mongol Ralley
  5. Visit: Every US state (34/50,) continent (5/7,) and country
  6. Swim with sharks completed March 12, 2018
  7. Get scuba certified and work on salvaging ship wrecks
  8. Attend a Super Bowl
  9. Stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona completed December 3, 2017
  10. Go skydiving
  11. Give the commencement speech at my alma mater (UNC Chapel Hill what up Tar Heels can I get a GTHD!?)
  12. Never spend another birthday in the same place twice

Confidence growing, exuberance flowing, feet never slowing.
List of dreams I ain’t compiling, that’s why I’m always smiling.
He who is not trying to stay striving towards the soul’s desiring,
is all the the time dying.
Tell me, why stay depriving?

One day your breathing will be ceasing,
So go out while your lungs are still rising,
 And do all the living you’d regret missing. Because there is no knowing,
when your heart will stop thump-
~R.C. Serra