Media Links

Here are some tasty links for those interested in viewing my work that has been featured by various publications.


My debut book, “Diary of a Blonde Vagabond,” is a 109 page anthology of poems that takes readers on a journey across five continents and deep into the mind. 

My poem “Garden Blues” is featured along with a host of other fabulous poems in, “Magic of Motivational Poetry and Quotes,” an anthology published by Wingless Dreamer. Available for purchase in paperback.

In Train River Publishing’s, “Train River: Fall 2020” anthology you will find my poem, “Sweet Escape.” Available in paperback.


Read about how you can help empower women, keep girls in school, and put and end to Period Poverty, in my article, “We Must End Period Poverty for all Women and Girls,” published by The Manifest Station.

Find out about the time I fled from a wildfire in the middle of the night, as well as tips on emergency preparedness and ways to reduce the stress that surrounds life’s unpredictability in, “Weathering Life: What Test’s You Makes You Stronger,” published by Rebelle Society.

In, “Thoughts from a Concerned History Major,” I offer a brief outline of instances of systematic oppression and institutionalized racism within the United States’ history, as well as what personally sparked my quest to study history in college and discover the truth. Published by The Manifest Station.


Listen to my interview with Brian Ondrako, host of the Just Get Started Podcast. During our chat I give insight about the creation of my book, “Diary of a Blonde Vagabond,” and share some stories about my time on the road. 


“Expression of Innocence”  – This photo was among one of the winning shots in London Photo Festival’s monthly competition. You can find more London Photo Festival here

“Overtime” – A trio of photos focused on pollination, published by Tiny Seed Literary Journal. 

“Savory Biscuits” – A single photo solute to mycology, published by Tiny Seed Literary Journal.