The Streets Are Alive

Peace be to you and peace be to U2

Been in a place called vertigo since I was seven at Dairy Queen

Death-defying come of ice cream

Swirls of memories and childhood scenes
Blend in the lines of A-sides and Z’s
The dream machine screams it’s all peaches and cream


Music where I get my sense of rhyme


Book my sense of line

Living for a living since ten, ten sixteen
One car drive

Listing achieved schemes and budding day dreams
Like pros and partners in con

Counting heartbeats spent out of regularity

Moments thieved by feelings unseen
Got a warrant out for cardiac arrest
No life time guarantee

A far cry from mediocrity

Shed that conformity and live in naked truth
Shirttails tell little about the man beneath

Words can’t be forced into light before ripe
Quiet they lay dormant in a holding ground

Until they emerge with a forceful surge
As if a lion’s been awoken

Come step inside my mind
And lose consciences with the obvious
Scribblings, scrawlings,
Depictions, descriptions,
Envisions, encryptions,

Limited edition.



R.C. Serra



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