(Any)Where in the World, is Rita.

Elbow dabs sueding with the knee highs

Dressed too fly wiping clouds from the eyes 

Staying so fresh till death you should call it a revival on style


Police and the cars caught in traffic, Sting rolling in a lil red corvette 

License plate doesn’t say fresh but the car still belongs to a Prince 

Join with the headband, ride with the carpool dive in deep trippy smiles

Never mean wiles bubble hash, smoke a splash, the whole gangs getting waved 

Everything need known educated under the school of the sun

Tide clock signifies days out the mind point break connected by horizon line

If life be a beach then enroll me on up

Bask in the ball of life, back to the old school

Shocked there is no clock, rule changing play

Passing the days away back ‘n forth between all worldly four corners

On the heels of royalty willed I was to follow the Dean of my dreams

Two legends, Carolina born, bred, then took a flight from home 

Decided before the final whistle blows I’ma set fire to life

Like a Franklin street night after dook takes the L in the Dean Dome 

Loose diet, budget appetite savoring every day has become the way 

Dare to take a bite out of life too much to digest before death

Consider me a baker like Fetty but others think me a crock

If you don’t like my pace, pace then pass continue on the rat race 

Don’t have use for a kettle or black pot bubbling with rabid thought 

Tied to one square plot of ground

Suit don’t need to be chainmail to weigh you down

Dropping from current see may seem counter intuitive to sensibility 

But take it from me exchanging green bills

For emerald scenes gets you closer to nobility

Here’s to health, money, and love the day will come

When the first will be last and the last will be first

Either or you’re bananas if you think I’m gunna be a monkey in the middle

Like A to zed you’ll find me on either end

Best check out, sign off, and bounce about

Try not, to let social insecurity stop your well farings

Go out and fill the memory bank before it’s too late

You insist “what’s a mere 180 minute hand ticks” I resist

That’s all required to flip life’s dial

Crossing time zones, light years away from my abode

London to Bangkok the future is now, clock says it’s half past Dip in Dots

My mind racing you’d think I’m on the verge of space exploration 


Feet keep the pacing eyes on the verge of tears finally after all these years 

I’ve blasted into the great wide open

The bounds to which I can roam are located beyond the scope of what’s known 

Explore the great outdoors or sit and cowar?

Latter point’s moot when you learn what’s at stake

Remember: This world is yours for the making not anyones for the taking 



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