The Pilot

Hello family, friends, and fiends! Welcome to the latest blog to hit the internet! I’ll try not to break it, but hey if a butt can do it, it probably doesn’t take that much…

It has been over a fortnight* since I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill. In addition to imparting me with knowledge like “fortnight” the university endowed me with a degree in US history. Aka ya girl is fully qualified to teach you fun facts about the American Presidents, get hype. Sophomore year I officially made the decision to major in, “noteworthy things dead people did.” Approximately far too many times since then I’ve be asked, in a tone that screams bless your heart, “What are you going to do with that?” I never knew so many people could simultaneously turn their noses up and cast their eyes down. My answer was always an offshoot of, “I don’t know yet, but I know what I’m not going to do…”  The short list included; teach, go to law school, or most importantly hate my life.

In an effort to become the most delightful nerd you’ll ever meet, it is confession time. History was my high school sweet heart. Junior year I realized I had a passion for learning the stories that weave together the world’s biography. In the years since, that passion has grown into an all-out, stage 5 clinger type of love. Take me to Washington DC and my involuntary skipping around the National Mall will make you question if Disney World is actually the happiest place on earth.


Speaking of my favourite places on Earth, many people who are (still) reading this (thanks mom) probably know first semester Senior year I studied abroad in Brighton, England. While I was; living on Greenwich mean time, eating late night fish and chips, and waiting on double deckers to drive me down the left side of the road, I knew I was having the regular ole, standby, clichéd, “best time of my life.” Evidently this fact was abundantly obvious to everyone else. Ever since I skipped back over to this side of the pond I’ve had oodles upon noodles of people tell me it seemed like I was having the absolute best time of my life, that I was beyond happy, and one person even told me I was glowing.

Now that the college bubble has burst, I am expected to answer the what, instead of the what not, I am going to do with my life. So here is goes: like cheese and fine wine, I am going to pair my love of history with travel. The itinerary includes Europe and Asia, with a little more Europe on the side.


I realize most women decide to get pregnant for nine months, instead I’m opting to get my glow on by traveling the world for nine months. I desire to see the sites and cities that shaped my history education for oh so many years. With a pen and journal (and google maps) in hand, I am going to write my way around the world. However, it is not my dream, nor my wish to become a writer. No, it is my goal to become a writer. With my diploma as the first page of my novel, just give me a lil time to dive head first into some life experience and I’m sure I’ll figure out the rest.

So that’s all for now folks, I am going to travel the world in my John Lennon glasses… and quote old rock songs along the way!


Here’s to being a future dead person whose noteworthy things will still be studied in 200 years.




*am I pretentious or did I procrastinate starting this blog to the point I could aptly use fortnight? I guess you’ll have to keep reading my posts to find out.


  1. Keep em coming. I’m excited to hear all about your adventures. You’re awesome Rita girl. The baby cousin is growing up so fast (knuckle bite holding back tears face). Love you Rita. Proud of you.


  2. Best wishes on your adventure.
    You might like reading The Historian while you travel.
    I am also a lover of history – the older the better. Be fearless!


  3. Rita,
    My brother also has a history degree from UNCW and his masters from USC, He was asked the same question constantly. He loved history and knew that was his passion. Eventually after trying many roads, he now works for the National Archives and enjoys all that information and history he gets to read. Enjoy yourself you have all the time in the world!


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